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Please keep in mind that the tips and techniques shared in this blog are presented at a basic level to get you started in the right direction in helping your child with his/her speech. There are many factors that contribute to a child’s speech development, and the scope of this blog is not to address all of the issues, but to give insight at a basic level on how to help your child improve their speech & language as they grow.

The information and links referenced on mommy speech therapy are believed to be reliable. However, the content is neither exhaustive nor conclusive. It is intended to be used at the discretion of the reader.

Additionally, this information is not intended to replace the expertise and judgments of your speech language pathologist or other appropriate professional. If you feel your child has other more serious issues which may be affecting his/her speech, please contact your local professionals that will be able to work with you to be sure your child receives the best treatment possible.

Lastly, feel free to print and distribute any of the articles or information found on Mommy Speech I only ask that credit be given back to Mommy Speech Therapy and the web address ( be visible somewhere on the page. Please be honest and do not copy any of this information and post it to your site or blog as your own.

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