Signing Time! Series Two Vol. 1-3

Signing Time! Series Two Vol. 1-3

I recently saw that Signing Time! is coming out with their second series of DVDs, so of course I had to write and let all of you know who may have not yet heard! They look like they’re going to be very cute. (Is it obvious I’m excited about these?) We love these videos at our house. My kids will watch them over and over again, and I’m very excited for this latest set. According to their website they are accepting pre-orders from August 1st – September 17th, 2007. They are offering this set with a $10 off gift certificate if purchased before Sept. 17th.

Signing with our children is wonderful because it provides a bridge to spoken langauge. It is successful because it first teaches them that communicating is powerful when they receive exactly what they wanted after signing the request. I mention more details on this subject in one of my previous posts.

I found this little preview clip on Youtube from the second series “Move and Groove” (volume 3) yesterday. Enjoy!


  1. We love “Signing Time” too! Our two-year old (who has Down Syndrome) asks to watch these ALL THE TIME! We (our speech therapist included) are so happy with how well he is communicating with his signs now. He knows more than 60 signs now and seems to pick up a few new signs each week! His favorite signs are “play,” “laugh” and “sign,” all of which he uses when he wants to watch a “Signing Time” DVD (because they are part of the theme song).

  2. I’m so glad I found your site! I’m a mother of a 3 year old girl who has Down syndrome and am now in school to become a Speech Pathologist. I’m way excited about the new Signing Time Videos!!! Darah LOVES RACHEL!!

  3. Thanks for sharing about Signing Time! The new shows have been so much fun to make. I can’t wait for all of our fans to see them. You can always sign up for our newsletter at so that you are the first to hear about new products and if I am performing live near you!

  4. From the first time I watched Signing Time, I was amazed, My daughter is almost two and knows most all the signs from the first 13 volumes. It is amazing how smart children are, when you work with them. I just wanted to thank Rachel Coleman for such a positive outlook she seems to have. What a strong person.