Articulation Screener App for Parents and SLPs

Articulation Screener App for Parents and SLPs

I can’t believe we’re already a couple of months into the school year… Which means the process of evaluating and setting goals for the year is well underway. For speech therapists that means testing a lot of kids to see if they qualify for speech services and making a speech plan for the ones that do in preparation for parent teacher conferences and IEP meetings.

For parents that may mean requesting a speech evaluation for our kids, and being involved in setting goals if they qualify for services.

As an SLP I wonder, is there a more efficient way to quickly screen kids, a faster way to get test results?

As a parent I wonder, how do I know when and if to request an evaluation? How do I know if my child’s speech sound errors are delayed or if they are age appropriate?

I have a solution that will save SLPs precious time and resources. A solution for parents that will answer the question of when and if they should contact a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Introducing… Articulation Test Center!

Articulation Screening Apps for Parents and SLPs - Mommy Speech Therapy

Articulation Test Center is an app that I created for parents and for speech-language pathologists and was developed under my company name Little Bee Speech. I’m excited with how great Articulation Test Center turned out and I can’t wait for you to try it too.

A couple of years ago I shared my (paper based) Articulation Screener here on Mommy Speech Therapy (for free) to help parents, teachers and SLPs determine which speech sounds their kids struggle with. I received so much positive feedback from that screener and multiple requests to turn that screener into an app. So I thought about it, and I decided if I was going to create an app it would have to be even better. And by that I mean including a screener that is easy enough for a parent to use and a test that is in-depth enough that it includes everything a speech pathologist would want and more. After all, I am a parent and an SLP, and I believe for kids to be truly successful we all have to work together. 😀

So maybe you’re wondering how one app can be used by both parents and SLPs. It’s simple, really. Let me explain.

Articulation Test Center is a free download, and with that you get 5 free tests. Yep, that’s right, 5 FREE Tests! That is more than enough tests for a parent to determine if their child should be seen by a professional. Which means, for parents this screener is essentially still FREE.

It also gives SLPs the opportunity to try it out before they purchase. It’s never fun when we purchase something that is not useful to us. We’ve all done it! I want you to have the opportunity to try the app out first. I know that when you do, you will LOVE it!

There are a few different ways to score the test. There are some quick scoring options I’d like to share with parents which provide all the information needed to determine which sound errors are considered delayed and which errors are age appropriate.

There are also more extensive scoring options available for the speech-language pathologist.

For Parents:

It’s a very simple and fun app to use. The basic flow of the app is as follows:

Step 1: Download Articulation Test Center from the Apple App Store for FREE!

Step 2: Open the app and select the “Screener” option on the home screen

Articulation Screening Apps for Parents and SLPs - Mommy Speech Therapy

Step 3: Select the age of your child and begin the screener.

Articulation Test Center - Mommy Speech Therapy

Step 4: Swipe through the flashcards and show the pictures to your child, have them say the word that is pictured.

Articulation Test Center - Mommy Speech Therapy

Step 5: Score their speech sounds correct, incorrect or approximate by tapping the green sound tiles above each flashcard image. Green is correct, yellow is approximate and red is incorrect.

Articulation Test Center - Mommy Speech Therapy

Step 6: When the test is complete you will be provided with the following:

    • Recommendations for practice
    • Sound errors that are developmentally appropriate based on their age
    • Sounds that your child needs to work on based on their age
    • A link to contact a certified speech-language pathologist if necessary
    • Detailed report that you can forward on to a teacher or SLP when requesting an evaluation

Articulation Test Center - Mommy Speech Therapy

My hope is that this screener will empower you as parents as it provides detailed results that will help you make informed decisions regarding when to seek additional help as well as help you easily identify which sounds your child needs to work on.

When you see the recommendations at the end of a test, if there are sounds that are considered delayed we recommend you contact a speech pathologist for additional help. The app provides a link to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) database of professionals to help you find an SLP in your area.

Another great resource for finding an SLP in your area is through Speech Buddies Connect. Parents can search by specialty, view the SLP’s experience level as well as see if insurance is offered.

You can also read any of my other posts here on Mommy Speech Therapy for tips and tricks for teaching sounds as well as download the sound programs in Articulation Station. You can try the p sound program for free!

Articulation Test Center - Mommy Speech Therapy

For a more detailed explanation and a peek at the app here is our video tutorial from version 1.0 of Articulation Test Center. An updated video tutorial for the current version (2.0) is coming soon:

For Speech-Language Pathologists:

Articulation Test Center Pro was developed for you. You can finally enjoy a testing option that is flexible. Articulation Test Center Pro gives you the freedom to choose which test is appropriate for the child you are testing. You can choose a Screener or a Full Test.

In the Screener you can test kids by age which saves you so much time since you are only testing age appropriate sounds.

In the Full Test you have the option to select what you want included in the test. For example, you can test only initial and final sounds if needed.

You can choose from the following options in the Full Test:

    • initial sounds
    • medial sounds
    • final sounds
    • initial blends
    • vowels
    • all the r sounds
    • speech sample (which includes three beautifully illustrated speech scenes for kids to tap and explore)

Articulation Test Center - Mommy Speech Therapy

You have the following scoring options:

    • mark sounds as correct, incorrect or approximate
    • mark sound omissions
    • substitutions
    • phonological processes
    • distortions

Marking phonological processes and distortions is easy. There is also reference information (with definitions) for each of them.

Articulation Test Center - Mommy Speech Therapy Articulation Test Center - Mommy Speech Therapy

One of three beautifully illustrated speech sample scenes to explore. Each image in the scene is tappable and was carefully selected based on target words in the test.

Articulation Test Center - Mommy Speech Therapy

You can also easily figure intelligibility with the intelligibility counter after you have recorded a speech sample. How cool is that?

Articulation Test Center - Mommy Speech Therapy

When the test is complete, you can view the beautifully detailed results. It breaks everything down for you in a clear, easy to understand layout. It even generates a report for you. Think of all the hours this will save!

Articulation Test Center - Mommy Speech Therapy

Email or print the generated report directly from your iPad.

Articulation Test Center - Mommy Speech Therapy

You can also edit your results by going back into the test and making any necessary changes. When you are finished the results will automatically update based on your changes. This feature can be a huge time saver as it allows you to give the test to a child and score the test later. It can cut down test administration time to as little as 5 minutes which is great when you’re running between classes or you have a child with a short attention span.

Articulation Test Center is a criterion referenced test, great for the first of the year speech screenings, determining speech goals, preparing for IEP meetings, and for progress monitoring.

For a list of the references used in putting together this test and a more detailed look at the app, you can visit the Articulation Test Center page on the Little Bee Speech website.

Articulation Test Center will make your test days easier by keeping your kids engaged through the testing process as well as saving you valuable time in scoring tests after administration, in writing reports, planning goals, and in preparing for IEP meetings. This should give you more time to work one on one with your students doing treatment, which has always been my favorite part of the job!

Articulation Test Center - Mommy Speech Therapy

Watch the video tutorial to see Articulation Test Center in action. Note: An updated video tutorial for the current version (2.0) is coming soon!

Download Articulation Test Center Pro and see how it will help you maximize your assessment time. As always, if you have questions while using the app you can email me anytime to the email address listed on the “info” screen of the app.

Best of luck and here’s to an amazing school year! 🙂


  1. Dear Heidi,
    Your website, screener, and articulation station app have been very informative and useful to me. I really appreciate having these as a resource for assisting my daughter improve her articulation. I began working with my daughter this summer to improve some of her initial sounds (f, t) and, after successful improvement, have now moved on to the final /g/ sound. My daughter (just turned 4) can say the /g/ sound in isolation and at the beginning and middle of a word. However, after weeks of working with her, she still drops the /g/ at the end OR she will emphasize the /g/. For example, she’ll say,
    bu-guh instead of just bug. I am seeking your advice on whether I’m missing something. I’ve instructed her with your worksheets and apps for the final /g/ sound. She just doesn’t seem to be improving as quickly as she did with the other sounds. We even do rhymes in the car with ending /g/. Her go to is OVER emphasizing the /g/. Any other advice? Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Carrie.

    I’m happy to hear Articulation Station and the screener have been useful to you in helping your daughter. As far as helping your daughter with the final /g/ sound I have a couple of suggestions for you. Number one, keep doing what you are doing but when you model the final /g/ sound for her be careful not to add the uh sound after it. Encourage her to do her best but don’t make a big deal of it either way. She may just need a little more time. Often times kids will overemphasize the final sounds by adding the uh sound to them when they are first learning the sound but as they get more comfortable making the sound they will drop it. Maybe even take a break from teaching it for a few weeks. Then when you try again have her say a word ending in the /g/ sound followed by a word beginning with the /g/ sound. Tell her to say the first word out loud and whisper the second word. Sometimes this helps and hopefully it will help you. If you are still concerned after trying these things I would recommend you contact a local Speech Language Pathologist for some more guidance. Best of luck!

  3. Heidi,
    You are a genius! After many hours spent on the internet, your articulation quick screener is exactly what I’ve been looking for as a parent. I am so grateful. I am looking forward to using this with my son.
    Best wishes,

  4. Will this app be available for android users anytime soon? The app looks wonderful and my 3 year old needs all the help he can get!

  5. I would LOVE to have an Android version of all of the apps but right now they are only available on iOS. Once day an Android version will be here but not for awhile yet.