Articulation Station is on the App Store!

Articulation Station is on the App Store!

Hooray! After a year and a half of writing, designing and developing, Articulation Station for the iPad is finally here and available to download on the App Store! I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with everyone. It’s been my dream to bring my articulation program to life on the iPad and to make it fun and engaging to use. It’s beautiful to look at and easy to navigate, but most importantly it’s a fantastic tool for teaching articulation!

Articulation Station has 6 awesome activities at the word, sentence and story levels allowing you to follow the same “Process of Articulation Therapy” I have outlined here on Mommy Speech Therapy. If you have downloaded my worksheets and have used them in your home or therapy setting, Articulation Station will be a fantastic transition to an even more engaging experience for both you and your child.

Let me outline the features of this app to help you get to know it better.


These flashcards are not your typical flashcards. They are high quality, easy to interpret, real life images that are attention grabbers! You and your child will love swiping through them and therapists will love the consistent number of flashcards throughout the entire application. Each word was carefully selected with children in mind. Audio reinforcement is also included, allowing children to tap the card if they can’t remember the word. A side benefit to the audio reinforcement is auditory bombardment. Meaning when you first introduce a sound to a child, hearing the sound over and over again will help them identify how the sound should be said. They can do this by going through the flashcards multiple times and simply tapping the card to hear the audio.


The matching game is another fun way to practice sounds at the word level. Similar to the flashcards, you can score each word card that you turn over as many times as you like before you turn over another card. You can also tap the card to hear the name of the word that is pictured.


The rotating sentences are super fun repetitive sentences where only the target word changes, similar to the sentences in my worksheets here on Mommy Speech Therapy. For example the rotating sentence for the p sound in the initial position is, “Put the (target word) in the pink purse.” Each sentence has picture prompts and audio reinforcement to help even our littlest ones learn to say the sentence independently.


The unique sentences are new sentences for every target word in the entire application. Thats over 1,300 unique sentences! Each unique sentence has on average 3 words with the target sound in it. For example in the sentence, “Penny rode the pony in the park.” “Pony” is the target word but the initial p sound can also be practiced on “Penny” and “park.”


The Level 1 Story was created for the nonreader but I have found that all my kids enjoy them. The short, rhyming and sometimes repetitive stories are paired with picture prompts and audio reinforcement to make retelling the story easier. Little ones feel so big as they tell the story back to you. My three year old gets so excited about these stories because he can retell them all by himself, it’s so cute! In addition, each story has multiple target words which maximizes practice opportunities of the target sound in a story environment. At the end of each story there are comprehension questions to provide an opportunity to practice the target sound in more spontaneous speech.


The Level 2 Stories are more advanced. They are longer stories with larger vocabulary and provide even more opportunities to practice the target sound in a story environment. There are comprehension questions at the end of these stories as well. The questions test their comprehension and retention as well as provide yet another opportunity to practice the target sound.

Here is an overview video so you can have a more detailed explanation of how Articulation Station works. If you can’t see the video below you may need to refresh the webpage.


Other fantastic features in Articulation Station include:


Before you begin practicing a sound in words, sentences or stories it is important that the child or adult can say the sound clearly in isolation (all by itself). That is why I have included “Quick Tips” in each of the sound programs to make teaching the sound in isolation a little easier. The Quick Tips are similar to the suggestions I have shared here on Mommy Speech Therapy on how to teach sounds.


In each of the 6 activities in Articulation Station you can record a child’s response and then play it back. This is great for teaching self monitoring and the kids love to hear themselves when the audio is played back!


Shuffling multiple sounds allows you to work on more than one sound and/or sound position at a time in the flashcard activity. This is a great way to test for retention of a sound you have passed off or to target phonological processes.


There is also an in-depth data collection feature that makes tracking progress so easy! From the data collection screen you can sort scores based on date, sound and position, passed or notes taken. You can also access specific session details and repeat words, sentences or stories not passed in that session. You can email or print scores to share with parents or your speech pathologist. You can see more details of data collection in the video below.


Our group session feature allows you to work with up to 6 students at one time still allowing each student to practice their own goals at their own pace! Now that’s awesome! If you need to work with more than one child at a time, you will LOVE this. Here’s another video treat with more info.


The best part is you can download Articulation Station for free which comes with one sound program (the P sound program).

Once you’ve downloaded the app you can visit the Articulation Station store within the app and purchase the additional sound(s) your child needs help with. You also have the option to purchase all of the sound programs at once. The individual sound prices range from $1.99 to $9.99 depending on the sound. When all the sound programs are downloaded together it’s $89.99 which is almost a 15% savings from downloading them individually.

I’ve been using this app for about a month now, and the reaction from my clients has been so much more exciting than I had anticipated. I’ve been able to get more repetitions out of them because they were having so much fun practicing their sounds. They wanted to do the activities again and again. My articulation therapy life has become so much easier because I don’t need to pull out the flashcards and then put them away again, (or lose them). My desk has also become cleaner, no more sticky notes everywhere with tally marks… my notes are now on the iPad.

Articulation Station has made all the difference for me in therapy and at home with my three year old. We’ve been working on our TH sound and he’s getting it! My little clients are loving this app as well as their parents.

If you don’t have an iPad yet, it looks like your excuse to get one is finally here! Download Articulation Station from the App Store today and try the P sound for free!


  1. I just downloaded the app! Very impressive. All that hard work def paid off. Thank you for creating a wonderful resource for parents and SLPs. P.S. great website 🙂 yours was the first I referred to when I gt out of grad school. Now I recommend it to many parents 🙂

  2. I’m drooling. Can’t wait for the iPod version!

  3. Thank you, I have been waiting eagerly for this app! I’ll be sharing with the SLPs in my district (40 or so) who just got iPads, too. Are you participating in the volume purchasing program? I am administrator for our district, and I didn’t find it on a search there.

  4. WOW!!!!! You are so amazing! I’m so impressed! I love the cute pictures and the easy-to-use layout. So slick!

  5. Hi Heather,

    I am still looking into that. Right now we are not currently part of that program. Sign up on my email list at to find out about future updates.

    Thank you so much for your interest. Enjoy the app!

  6. Finally… A quality articulation app. Just downloaded it tonight. Top notch in every way. It’s not confusing like the other apps I’ve seen (and used). Well laid out, simple to use, and nice to look at. My clients are going to love it! Well worth the price. Thank you!

  7. I’m excited to try it out! I recently did a review of a few other slp articulation apps for the ipad. I’d love to review your app for my readers to learn about it. check out my website

  8. Thanks Liz, I’m glad you enjoy using the site. Look for more free resources to come!

  9. Hi Annie! I would love for you to try out Articulation Station. It’s only been in the App Store a few days, and there has been a great response so far! The great thing is that you can download it and get the /p/ sound for free which will have all 6 activities on the word, sentence and story levels to try out before you buy any of the other sounds. I would love to hear what you think!

  10. Update: We are planning to offer the app as part of the educational volume purchasing program. I’ve been looking into it and In order to make it eligible for the program we will need to make some changes to the app which will take a little time. I’m excited to get this done so that it’s available to institutions that purchase apps through this program, and I will announce once it is ready. Thanks!

  11. Christina Lawrence

    Can not wait to try it! Will look for it today!

  12. Heidi,

    Congratulations on the app! I agree with the previous posters that it seems to be the best artic app that I’ve seen so far! You’ve made it so simple to use, but it has lots of great features. I especially love that you can use it easily with groups! That’s probably my biggest pet peeve now about apps, so many of them are not designed for groups. Let’s face it, if you work in the public schools, you most likely see the majority of your kids in groups! I’m definitely putting the full version on my “wish list.” I also love your artic worksheets that are free to download. So cute! Thanks again and congrats on a great app!

  13. Thank you Paula! I’m happy you like the groups option and I hope you enjoy using it as much as I have. I felt that was an important feature to include and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

  14. Heidi, Wonderful job on the articulation station! That must have taken so much time! Will you PLEASE do some phonological processes posts? Particularly medial consonant deletion!!! I have a little boy that will be three in February. He says things like muh-tey for monkey. Should I focus on correcting the k before focusing on the deletion of the n? I am now sure where to start. pointers please!

  15. please do lots and lots of posts focusing on EI ! I am eager to learn what you did at kids on the Move

  16. This looks and sounds AWESOME!! Will there ever be an iPhone or iPod version? I don’t currently have an iPad…. 🙁

  17. Hi Christina,

    Yes, we will have an iPhone/iPod Touch version. We will be working on it very soon!

  18. Heidi,

    I am an SLP in the school system and I am constantly looking to your website for resources. I often refer parents to this site because it is so parent friendly and filled with a wealth of good information. It doesn’t hurt that it’s absolutely adorable too!

    I was so excited to see this app is available. I immediately downloaded it, and the kiddos love it 🙂

    Thank you so much for all that you do.


  19. This looks amazing! I would love it if you would consider an Android version. Thanks 🙂

  20. Thanks Deann! Once the iPhone/iPod Touch version is complete, I will definitely look into the option of Android too.

  21. Yes, please sort out a version for the ipod touch, looks great, when do you think it will be out?

  22. Thanks Lauren! I am so glad to hear you and the kids are enjoying the app and that the blog has been helpful as well. That makes me smile! 🙂

  23. Hi Jo,

    It sounds to me like the little boy you are working with may be struggling more with fronting than medial consonant deletion. For example in the word monkey if he said muh-tey he actually has a sound in the medial position of the word he just “fronted” the /k/ sound with a /t/ sound and skipped the ng sound all together. You can download the k,g, and ng programs in Articulation Station. Each sound program has tips on how to elicit/teach the sound in isolation as well as activities for practicing the sounds in words, sentences and stories. You can also use the worksheets I have provided on my worksheets page for free.

    Look for posts on phonological processes coming soon.

    Thanks for reading!

  24. Hi Jo,

    I will be writing more posts on Early Intervention in the mean time you can view all the posts I have written in the Early Language Development category on my blog.

    Thanks for reading!

  25. At the moment we are working on some updates to the current version of Articulation Station for the iPad. Once those are finished we’ll begin work on the iPhone version. I am hoping this will be be done sooner rather than later but I can’t give an exact date right now, since I don’t know. However, I’ll be sure to announce it once it’s ready!

  26. Will this app be available in the android market?

  27. What a beautiful, inventive and helpful creation. LOVE not only the content, but the user friendly and charming interface!!

  28. There are no immediate plans to put Articulation Station on Android, but I will be looking into the possibilities soon. Thanks!

  29. If you buy all the sound programs and your iPad 2 gets destroyed, can you install all the sound programs on a new iPad 2 with “restore purchases”, or do you have to pay for all the sound programs again?

  30. Any sound programs or apps that you purchase are linked to your iTunes account, not the device itself. So if you lose your iPad or something happens to it, you can “restore purchases” on a new iPad and the sounds will download for you as long as you use the same ID you used when you first downloaded the sounds/apps. Hope this helps!

  31. That’s great. Thanks.

  32. Best iPad app for artic therapy yet. However, I did find some “gl” blends mixed with the /g/ ‘s. I would like to see those under a blends category if possible.

  33. I agree. He cannot say k and g, but is it too early to begin working on these sounds since he us not three yet?

  34. Hi Stephanie,

    We have plans to replace the blends in the /g/ and /f/ sound programs with more CVC words in a future update. We currently have gl blends in the /l/ program and gr blends in the /r/ program of Articulation Station. Thank you for your feedback!

  35. Hi JoLynne,

    Kids typically master the /k/ and /g/ sounds by the age of three. So now is a great time to start working on those sounds. You can read my post on “How to Teach the K and G Sounds” for more tips on how to teach these sounds. Good luck!

  36. I can’t wait for the android version so I can try this – right now I don’t have access to an IPad (I’m working on getting it again!) I’m interested in how you see this working for home practice? Do parents need to buy it too or would you still give worksheets for home use?

  37. Love your site and apps. Can they be used with iTouch?

    Thanks so much!!!!

  38. The app sounds great! Since I often see speech kids in groups, is it possible to easily switch between target sounds/activities with the app? Ideally, all kids work on the same target during a session, but in reality that doesn’t always happen. I’m looking for a product that will allow me to target multiple sounds/word positions/phonemic complexities with different kids in a single session.

    Also, are there any plans to include blends for a Cycles Approach?


  39. Thank you! Articulation Station is only available on the iPad right now, but I am working on a version for the iPhone and iPod Touch as well. I will be sure and let everyone know once it’s ready. Thanks for your interest!

  40. Heidi- I love this app. I actually shared all about it today on my blog! Thank you!! 🙂

  41. Hi Heidi,

    Just wanted to say that I love your website and fantastic advice/resources! I have learned a lot from you! 🙂 I was lucky enough to receive an ipad from Santa this Christmas so I just downloaded some of the sounds from your articulation station! Well done on creating such a great resource! I can’t wait to try it out in the clinic tomorrow and will be recommending to all my colleagues here in Ireland.

    Jennifer 🙂

  42. Thanks Kristin, that’s great! I’m glad you are enjoying Articulation Station. You have a great blog, a lot of really cute ideas, love it!

  43. Thank you Jennifer! Congrats on getting a new iPad, you will love it. I would love to hear how your clients respond to the app. By the way, Ireland is in my top 5 places I want to visit, so beautiful! 🙂

  44. There are a couple of options for home practice. Ideally parents would buy the app for the specific sound their child is working on in therapy. The speech pathologist could simply email the results from a therapy session with notes to the parent on what they would like them to work on at home. Parents could then practice at home with the same application and even email the results for each of their practice sessions back to the therapist. Of course not everyone has an iPad. However, when you are working at the word level you can still email the results and parents will have the word list you are working on in therapy, and information about which words specifically need more practice. Then they can practice those words at home.

    The worksheets here on are great as well for homework practice.

  45. I downloaded the free app and love it. My only suggestion is that the data tracker for correct/incorrect were at the top of the page. i am often across the table from my kids and where the button is positioned now makes it a little awkward to push.

  46. Hi Heidi,
    I love your site and often use your materials with my kiddos in our sessions. I would like to use the app in addition to the worksheets. My school system as the Volume Purchase Program through apple, but your app isn’t available. Would it be possible to somehow make it available through that program?

  47. Hi Heather,

    Yes, Articulation Station makes it possible to switch between kids working on different activities and different target sounds. You can watch my video tutorial on group sessions to see how this works and you can download the P program for free and try it out for yourself. I think you’re gonna love it!

    As far as blends go, we do have blends currently in the s, r, and l sound programs. We have plans to add the sn blends to the s program in a future update. We are also considering adding some final blends as are used in the Cycles Approach. I hope this helps!

  48. Hi April,

    I so glad you are finding my site useful, that’s wonderful to hear:) In regards to Articulation Station, I am working with my developers and we are in the process of creating a full version of Articulation Station for the Volume Purchase Program and we are hoping to make it available this month. It will be called Articulation Station Pro and will have all of the same features and activities as the current version except that it will come with all of the sounds already installed.

    We will be announcing the release of Articulation Station Pro through email and on the Little Bee Speech Facebook page ( You can also sign up on the email list at the Little Bee Speech website ( and you will receive an email once it’s ready.

    It’s been a wonderful tool to use in therapy and we are working hard to make it available to everyone who is interested in using it.

    I hope this answers your question. Thanks for your interest in the app!

  49. Hi Julie,

    I am so happy to hear you are enjoying the app! Thank you for your suggestion about the scoring we will definitely consider it.

  50. My school district recently distributed iPads for our special ed teachers, OTs, and SLPs and I requested this program for my speech iPad. I adore this program! The different levels of difficulty allow me to use this program with a variety of reading levels. And the graphics are lovely! (in college, graphic design and industrial design friends imparted me with a deep appreciation of good visual design). The user interface is easy to understand, and the whole design scheme is adorable without being childishly patronizing.

    The only improvements that I could suggest
    —(very) short phrase level for early readers/beginning carryover to phrase “look, a cat” “look, a truck” “here’s a shark” “here’s a bus” etc
    –for non-/r/ sounds, give the ability to bypass /r/ for kids who struggle with /r/ in addition to the sound they’re currently working on

    I have already shown this app to a SLP coworker and she immediately filled out a download request to turn into our admin office to buy a bunch of phoneme purchases. Positive word of mouth is the best possible compliment I can give you!

  51. Oh wow! This is so great! My son has apraxia and I just lost his flashcards. (Gah!) I did a search and found your site! Another way to practice sounds with my kids- YES! Even better is that it’s FREE right now! Thanks again!

  52. I’m going to echo the ‘hoping for android version’!
    Pretty please?

  53. Bought the /l/ app too use with one of my four year olds in private practice to mix things up! Awesome app!! He is soo motivated love it! Wish there was a discounted rate to buy all sounds at once or bundles of certain sounds together.

  54. Hi Heidi,
    I do not have a iPad but am very interested in your app. I do Family Day Care in Australia and have some children with speech delay’s. This program sounds like a great resource but with no iPad I feel I will be left out. Please help with some advice.
    Warm Regards Michele

  55. Hi Amy, I’m so happy to hear that you (and your son) like Articulation Station! There is a sale on all sounds within the app going on this week through Sunday February 12th. Everything is 40% off. Also, you do save about 14% when you purchase all the sounds together. If you were waiting to purchase additional sounds then this would be a great time. Thanks for your comment!

  56. Hi Amy,

    I am glad you are enjoying the /l/ program in Articulation Station. Actually Articulation Station is 40% off this week only. The whole program is down from $89.99 to $49.99. All the individual sound programs are on sale as well. I hope this helps.

    🙂 Heidi

  57. Hi Michele,

    Thank you for your interest in Articulation Station. While Articulation Station is currently only available on the iPad we have plans to make it available on the iPhone and iPod Touch as well. In the meantime I have resources right here on on my worksheets page that you can use to help the kids in your day care. Hope this helps.


  58. Hi Jen,

    Thank you for sharing Articulation Station with your friends and colleagues. I also appreciate your suggestion to add phrases. We will put it on our list for possible future updates.

  59. Laura Knott-Riggall

    I LOVE articulation station and use it multiple times a day. I purchased every phoneme available and use most of them. Thank you so much for a fantastic app!

  60. So cool. My just turned 4 year old would love this. But I don’t have an iPad, iPhone or iPod. Do you think it would work on a HP Touchpad? I don’t have it with me but maybe I could see if it would work…

  61. Hi Alicia,

    Unfortunately it has only been programmed for the iPad so far and is only available on the iTunes store. If you sign up for our email list on we will keep you updated on any changes. Thanks!

  62. Would love to have this app. My 3 year loves playing/working on our tablet – please keep working on getting this on the Android market – it could help a lot of kiddies! Keep up the good work!

  63. Hi Heidi,
    I can’t believe I missed the sale! I am in graduate school and I would love to have this app. I know many of my classmates would also. Will there be another sale in the future? Also, do you offer a student discount? The app is wonderful, and I love your website!

  64. Hi Nell, The only discounts that are offered with the app are the sales that we occasionally have open to everyone. There will be another 40% off sale this Tuesday, February 21st on Articulation Station Pro. It would be a great time to buy! Thanks for your interest 🙂

  65. Thank you for your wonderful site!! I wish I had know about it earlier:

    I have a question about articulation. I am the mother of kindergarten twin girls. My husband is Austrian and has a HEAVY German accent. He also has a lisp.

    Our daughters (full term, no feeding issues, normal hearing tests, etc.) have struggled a bit with articulation, but I have noticed when we work with them, the sounds “click”, it just takes a bit longer than it might for other children.

    When the girls were three I took them to the local school district and had them tested because I could not understand them and it was frustrating for all of us. We were told the issues with articulation were due to them hearing my husband’s accent, to continue to read to them – they read voraciously, and give them an extra year of preschool – which we did.

    Both girls are well above grade level in academic testing, but we just had a meeting (this week – mid Feb) to agree to additional screening. The school wants to qualify them for services under “there is more reading aloud in first grade and they might be teased”. Both girls have a wide circle of friends and do not report teasing. They are in separate classrooms very purposefully.

    I am not happy that our girls’ school did not complete secondary screening earlier! Especially since I contacted the SLP in November after conferences. More to the point, I am worried about delivery of services from this particular SLP.

    She has a heavy southern accent and tends to say “waitin” instead of “waiting”, “talkin” instead of “talking”, etc. She also has poor grammar. When I asked about my husband’s accent, she said that would have no effect on our children’s articulation.

    So, 1. Can my children benefit from working with an SLP who does not fully articulate herself? She is concerned about their ch, and sh sounds. 2. I’m really confused about the accent issue as the two SLPs work for the same district, have both spoken with my husband, have both listened to our girls and have completely opposite opinions. 3. IF the German accent is an issue, would adding yet another accent – SLP’s southern accent – muddy the waters futher?

    Thank you so much!

  66. Hello Heidi,
    It is a lovely tool to improve child’s articulation, & many more concepts….Do you have Signs language Communication Flashcard……..

  67. PLEASE please consider Android. Overall there are more Android users than iOS. I can’t afford an iPad so I am using my Android based phone for therapy and I really need an artic app as comprehensive as yours.

  68. I’ve been using more and more apps to assist in my therapy sessions and noticed a difference in client engagement and interest.

  69. Thanks Lena for your interest in Articulation Station! We are considering Android but there are no concrete plans as of yet. Sign up for our email list at and we will let you know if that changes.


  70. Thanks Binay! I have not made my own sign language flashcards but my favorite sign language flash cards are the Signing Time Flash Cards. Hope this helps!

  71. Hi Sue,

    Those are very good question you pose about accents and as you found out you will often times get very different answers. I believe the correct response of the first speech therapist you saw would have been to evaluate your daughters specific speech errors and determine if they were typical or developmentally delayed independently of the speech model they were getting at home. If the results showed a developmental delay I believe you should have been given services right away regardless of whether they believed your husband’s accent played a part in their articulation. To answer your first question I would say that I am sure your girls will benefit from speech therapy services from their local speech pathologist (even if she does have an accent) but if for any reason you do not feel like they are making the progress they should be making I would bring your concerns up with the speech pathologist and see what you can work out. I am happy your daughters are getting services now and I wish them the best!

  72. Hi!

    My district is looking for new apps purchase for us, is this available yet with the volume purchasing? ( I’m not sure how ling it takes to make the changes you mentioned.)

  73. Hi Cody,

    Yes, Articulation Station Pro is available in the volume purchase program. Articulation Station Pro is simply the full version of Articulation Station. Here is the link to Articulation Station Pro in the iTunes Education Portal. Enjoy!

  74. Will the app be available for aneroid. I have a kindle fire and my son uses this program at school. I would love to be able to practice at home with the same material. He went from 37% to 78% with his sounds and words in just 2 months!

  75. Hi Tabitha,

    Thank you for sharing your sons success with Articulation Station! Unfortunately we still don’t have any concrete plans to develop the app for the android market at this time. If you sign up for our email list at we will notify you right away about any new developments.

    Wishing your son continued success!

  76. Just discovered your web site and looking forward to trying this app. I have a two year old son with Pierre Robin Sequence. He is missing quite a few consonants from his speech (but can say some that are further along on the developmental scale, like l, r, and y). We are wanting to focus on the p sound right now and my son loves playing on the iPad, so this is perfect. Thank you for making this.

  77. You have another taker for this app for the Kindle Fire. I will sign up for e-mail notifications but wanted you to know that there is demand out there for the Kindle Fire. Thanks

  78. Thanks so much for letting me know. I really appreciate your interest. We will look into it.

  79. Hi! I stumbled across your web site while trying to find information about lisps. I think my 3yr old son has a lisp. He also fails to pronounce /s/ at the start of words. I am interested in your app, and am wondering if it would be suitable for him. We live in Australia.
    Sorry if this seems like a silly question – I am wondering if the app is suitable for people with ‘non-American’ accents? Considering that its purpose is to assist with articulation, I am curious to know if it will be suitable for my son (who obviously speaks with an Australian accent)? Thanks Heidi.

  80. Heard and see there is a sale but when I try and download is comes up the same — I hear so many great things about it and will buy it anyway but who doesn’t like a good sale

  81. Hi Heidi,
    Love the app so far, although I just downloaded it moments ago. Haven’t yet used it in a group, but will let you know how it goes over. I’d love to see 3-element clusters–especially skw, str, spl, spr (with an addendum that the other sounds t, r need to be in inventory before targeting), as well as “theta” /r/ and sh-r. Will let you know as I go if I have other thoughts. 🙂

  82. Is this available for Sony Tablet ? Would love to have this for my daughter and her apraxia and my other three for refreshers.. THANKS!

  83. At the moment, Articulation Station is only available for the iPad. I will be looking at other platforms once it is completed for the iPhone and iPod touch. thanks!

  84. Yes, there is currently a sale on Articulation Station and Articulation Station Pro until May 16th. Try the App Store again as it looks like the prices are the correct sale price. You can check the Little Bee Speech Facebook page for details!

  85. Hi there. I was wondering if there is a section on articulation station for S blends 🙂 Thanks so much.

  86. Hi Pam,

    S blends are included in the s sound program. We have st, sk, sp, sw, and sl. Each blend has 6 target words, it’s own rotating sentence, uniques sentences and 1 story. We will be adding sn and sm soon. Hope this helps!


  87. I’m wondering if you can use the articulaltion station app on the nook tablet?

  88. Hi Debbie, Articulation Station is currently available on the iPad only. I am working on bringing it to the iPhone and iPod touch as well, but haven’t looked into the possibility of the Nook yet.

  89. Hi Ally,

    That is a very good question. The answer is yes. If you are concerned about the american accent simply turn the voiced audio off in the settings. Then you can sit with your son and model the words for him to repeat. All the targets should still be appropriate especially for the /s/ sound.

    Good luck!

  90. Hi Katie,

    Thank you for your suggestions. It is so helpful when we get specific feedback on how we can make Articulation Station even better. Keep them coming!


  91. This is such an awesome app! I am so excited to use it today with a couple of children!!! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into creating this.

  92. I’d just like to let you know how much articulation station has helped my daughter. I was pretty much in denial until about nine months ago, my daughter was two and not speaking very well.

    I randomly looked up speech apps on the ipad and found the best thing ever 🙂 thank you! She is almost three now and has come so very far! We finally had an evaluation last week and found out she does have a speech delay, (final consonant deletion) I believe the delay is not as bad as it could have been because of the use of your app while we have waited three months for our evaluation.

    We are currently on a waiting list for therapy sessions. After finding your site tonight I am so excited about all the resources you provide here, my baby girl and I will definitely be working while we wait. Thank you, Thank you, you are truly a blessing.

    p.s. My daughter LOVES articulation station on our ipad and out of all the games on our ipad she chooses your app every day!

  93. Thank you Marie! It is always good to hear that Articulation Station is making a difference!

    While you wait for therapy you can work on final consonant deletion with Articulation Station as well. Start with a sound your daughter can say really well in the beginning and middle of words but leaves off at the end of words. Then select that sound program (let’s say the “b” program for example) in Articulation Station, then select words, then select flashcards or matching, then select the final sound position and hit begin. As you work with your daughter start by having her listen really closely to each word, ask her if she can identify the sound at the end of the word. If she can’t say, “I hear a /b/ sound at the end of the word.” Then play the word again and ask, “Did you hear the /b/ sound that time?” Then play the next word and ask her the same thing, “What sound did you hear at the end of that word?”

    Helping her identify sounds at the end of words will make her more aware of those sounds. Then have her practice saying the words. If she leaves the sound off say, “Don’t forget your /b/ at the end of the word.” Then model the word for her, “tu-b.” Overemphasizing the final sound. Then have her repeat the word back to you being sure to add the final sound. Once she gets good at adding the /b/ sound to the end of words start working on another final sound she says well in the beginning and middle of words. Once she gets good at that sound as well tap on the “Shuffle Multiple Sounds” icon on the home screen of Articulation Station. Then select the “b” final and the other sound you worked on in the final position then hit begin. From here you will be able to shuffle both sounds to make sure she can remember to put the final sound on the end of words even when the final sound changes.

    I hope this gives you some direction while you wait for therapy. It sounds like your daughter is already a success!

    All the best!

  94. I absolutely love this app! Check out my review of it at:

    Thanks for such a great contribution to parents and SLPs alike!

  95. Thanks Carrie! I am so glad to hear you are enjoying it. Thank you for the review as well!


  96. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your app. It motivated some of my students who would previously just fight and argue no matter what the activity was. Being able to carry just my ipad, instead of a million articulation cards has made preparing for my home visits so much easier. The app has so many nice features and it is simple to use. I particularly love that I can remove some of the buttons from the screen if necessary, and the customizable word lists. Having the ability to take data within the app and email it to myself is great too!
    I recommend the pro version app to other SLP’s. I show this app to parents who are interested in speech apps and talk about how they can just buy the sound decks that their child needs.
    Thanks for a wonderful app!

  97. Thanks Rebekah! I’m so happy to hear how much you’ve enjoyed it!!

  98. My client downloaded this app for their iPad. It was so good. The boy found it fun and interactive. The pictures are great and there is a load of fun for the family. I am going to like this on my facebook page for you.

  99. How is this app for a 4 year old?

  100. Hi Jennifer,

    Articulation Station was created to be used with children as young as 2 through adults if necessary. However, it is primarily used with preschool through school age kids. Your 4 year old will love it!

  101. My 4 yr old just started speech therapy and this wou
    ld be great to have at home any hope for the nook line anytime soon?

  102. Hi LeAnne,

    We don’t currently have plans to develop Articulation Station for the Android market. If we do we will post it on our Face Book page or on little bee I’m sorry that doesn’t help you right now. You may be able to pick up a used iPod touch for not too much if you are anxious.

    All the best!

  103. Is there a version for Android? My son used this in his speech therapy session and I would love to buy it, but I am only seeing it as an apple app.
    Thanks, Korie

  104. Articulation Station is only on iOS right now (iPad, iPhone & iPod touch). I don’t have plans to create and Android version but if that happens to change I will be sure to announce it on the Little Bee Speech Facebook page. Thanks for your interest!

  105. Heather Huntley

    Hi, I am totally new to the speech therapy world and just learning as my dd (5) needs some support. Anyway we have been using this app as recommended by her therapist and we have one question. Is there a way to have the initial, medial, and final sounds mixed together as a review? I am just wondering if as we progress there will be a way to have each of these appear in a random order so that I can see that she truly is progressing?

    Thanks so much for this wonderful tool

  106. Hi Heather,

    The answer is Yes, you can shuffle the initial, medial and final sound positions in words and sentences. To shuffle the sound positions just select the sound you want to practice, then select words or sentences, then select all the sound positions (initial, medial and final) you want included in your practice session, then tap “begin.” It’s as simple as that.

    To learn about all the ways you can adapt Articulation Station and to take full advantage of all the features offered in Articulation Station watch the overall video tutorial.

  107. Is there an app for android?

  108. Hi Heidi!

    First of all, Articulation Station is awesome!!

    I was wondering if you offer the Articulation Station app in any other format other than for the iPad? I would like to buy it to use with students but need the file to be an .swf or .flv. Thank you!!


  109. Hi Chrissy, Thank you! I’m glad to hear you like Articulation Station. At the moment it is only available on iPad, iPhone & iPod touch. We don’t have immediate plans to change the format or put it on platforms other than Apple. But if we do it, we will certainly announce it on the Little Bee Speech website and our Facebook page as well so keep in touch. Thank you for your interest!

  110. Hi Malissa, Articulation Station is only available on the Apple platform right now (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch). If we make it available for Android we will be sure and announce it on the Little Bee Speech Facebook page. Thank you for your interest!

  111. My son is 3 years old, and while he doesn’t have articulation issues he doesn’t form sentences with his words. Will this app help with getting teaching him to form sentences with his speech? He tends to “short talk” his way with expression. I think this looks like a great app and I am hoping it helps with expressive delays! Any help would be appreciated!

  112. Hi Holly,

    If you purchase the Pro version, or all the sounds in the free version of Articulation Station you can use it to help him learn to put more words together. Let me explain how. You see in the Pro version you can add your own custom images and create your own custom lists. So if I were working with your son I would recommend you add custom images into the application of words he already says, like, “milk” or “Dad” or whatever else he says. Then when you write the unique sentence for that word you can make it a short phrase you want him to start saying like, “milk please” or “Daddy is home.” You can then either save all the images to the same sound program and make a custom list in that specific sound program or you can save the words to the appropriate sound programs and then make a custom list in the “Multiple Sounds” activity and call it something like, “Danny’s list” or whatever your son’s name is. Then he can go through his list over and over, listening to your voice in a recorded audio model teach him how to say phrases like, “Daddy is home.” “Sister is sad.” “More milk please.” “Go Outside.” As he gets better and better you can create longer sentences. In the meantime he will also really enjoy the rotating sentences because he can practice a single sentence over and over with only one word change. For example in the /d/ program in Articulation Station the rotating sentence is. “The dog dug up the ______.” Then as the child pushes the spin button he gets a new word every time. Kids think this is very entertaining and funny. Hopefully this gives you some ideas of how you could use Articulation Station to help teach your son to put more words together. If you have any more questions please let me know.

    All the best!

  113. Have any advancements taken place to get this app for the android users? Looks like a great app!

  114. Hi Heather,

    I wish I had more to report on that front. As of now Articulation Station is still just for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

  115. Hi Heidi,

    I will be downloading the app tonight and working with my son beginning tomorrow on the ‘s’ and ‘sh’ sound program(s) but wanted to ask if there are any additional recommendations for articulation support or more advanced means to assist in curbing his improper use of these sounds? He is now 11 years old and has been in speech therapy at school for years, but they have been unable to make progress. I realize he is older and potentially more “set in his ways” as far as his speech is concerned, but could you provide any advise on the best ways to try and approach these type of articulation issues with an older child such as this?

    Thank you so much, you have an awesome site and some great resources. I am looking forward to using your software with him.

  116. Hi Braswell,
    Sorry for the delay in response. We hope you are enjoying the app and that it is helping as you address your son’s misarticulations. We understand your frustration at his lack of progress, especially after he’s gone through years of speech therapy. There are some things you can consider as far as his therapy at school goes–the first being is he getting the intensity of services that he needs; meaning if he is only getting therapy once a week for 30 minutes that is not likely enough. Increasing the frequency of therapy services as well as home practice could make the difference. The next thing to consider is the effectiveness of the intervention approach the therapist is using in his therapy at school. It may be that it is just not “clicking” with him and that another approach should be tried. He may be a child that would respond really well to intervention using the smart palate and palatometer from Complete Speech. With the palatometer both he and the speech pathologist can actually see where the tongue is hitting the palate when producing the targeted sounds he’s working on. For some kids to be able to finally visually see where to place the tongue makes all the difference. It is definitely more expensive, and not all speech therapists will have access or training to use a palatometer, but if you can get him in and out of therapy finally in the end it could be a lot more cost effective and worth the extra effort.

    – See more at: